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P: Aquaresp does not read oxygen values

1. Make sure that you have chosen the correct oxygen sensor in Aquaresp

2. Make sure that your oxygen meter software is running and logging to the specified folder (AQUARESP\temp\oxygen\)

3. Still not working? Are you oxygen meter supported by Aquaresp? Go to “If all else fails”


P: I am using an older version of the Firesting, and Aquaresp has trouble reading the oxygen values.

A: No worries, help is near. Download  the following file, and copy it to the “lib” directory in the Aquaresp folder. Replace the one already there. Hopefully your problem is solved.

Old Firesting reader (Right click, and select “Save link as …”)

This file enables reading the old firesting format, not the new – so if you get a new Firesting at a later point in time, download Aquaresp and replace the “lib” directory.


P: I get some error when starting Aquaresp

A: Try and download (Right click and save link as) and run this python file: Fix file 1 
The file will look at the most common places for the MCC installation of the Virtual Libray, this is the most common problem when starting Aquaresp. (October 2014, Should be obsolete by now, the fix is implemented in the newest version Aquaresp)


If all else fails:

Email Morten

Please state “Aquaresp” clearly in the email subject, I will try and respond as fast as I can.

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