Instrument Info

PyroScience Firesting Optical Oxygen Meter:
Great optical oxygen meter that is quite flexible and among others allow you to use small bore optical glass fibers as well as larger bore plastic fibers in the same instrument. Another benefit is that the Firesting does not need to be connected to a PC via RS-232 but only requires a USB connection. It even get power throgh the USB. The Firesting is now equipped with 4, 16bit, analog outputs (freely configurable), and additionally the FireSting can operated now also as stand-alone device without any PC connected.

Hamilton Visifer Dissolved Oxygen Optical Sensor: HAMILTON is the first company to offer a self-contained oxygen measurement in the popular 12 mm format similar to standard process and pH electrodes and classical sterilizable oxygen
sensors. VISIFERM DO optical sensors demonstrate a number of substantial advantages because of a symbiosis of sensor and measurement amplifier- an intelligent sensor. This sensor has all the electronics build in a 12 mm diameter 15 – 25 cm long stainless steel tube with the oxygen sensing foil at the end. Shortly we will test this sensor.

How to build an oxygen / temperature analyzer with analog output and regulator function: The instrument is based on the PR Electronics 5714D instrument and can easily be wired by with just a slight idea about electronics. It cost a fraction of similar commercial models – that in addition only are sold as either an oxygen or temperature instrument. This can be used for both. Total cost for parts about 300 $/200 € excluding cabinet and electrodes. An oxyguard Mini Oxygen electrode cost about cost about 600 $ / 500 € and a Pt 100 temperature probe about 75 $.

Note that Oxyguard Electrodes uses different kinds of electrolytes

Motor for Swim Tunnel Respirometers:

What motor and motor control to use if you want to build your of swim tunnel respirometer – or just want to have one motor for several swim tunnels?
I recommend you use SEW Eurodrive that is distributed all over the globe. You can get the motor controller/frequency
inverter in 50 Hz 220 Volt as well 60Hz 115 Volt versions. A frequnecy inverter and motor for swim tunnels up to 32 liters cost about 500 $.

In the US you should order these items:

1 each: DRS71S4/FI/DH/OS1 AC Motor,

  •  230/460-3-60
  •  B3 mounting
  •  IEC shaft
  •  Feet
  •  OS1 protection
  •  DH Drain hole


1 each: MCLTE B0004 101-1-20

  •  Movitrac AC VFD
  •  115-1-60 input
  •  230-3-60 output
  •  IP55 NEMA 12 housing with switch
  • 5 hp

$ 222.00

  •  ½ NPT adapter in conduit box on motor

Comes on the motor for the US market @ N/C


We just had two of these motors and two frequency inverters delivered to University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs for about 1.025 US $.
Information concerning what you should order in the rest of the world will be available soon.


How to build a digital switch = turn on a 115/220 Volt device via a digital output from a ADDA board like the Measurement Computing USB 1208LS. See details in the AquaResp Manual please.