Installing AquaResp 2


Aquaresp Version 2

Aquaresp 2.0 relies on Python 2.x and several dependencies/libraries in order to function. By following the below guide – while connected to the internet – will automate the process of installing Aquaresp. As of now Aquaresp has only been tested on Windows machines.

Please contact Morten at  subject “AQUARESP: HELP” for help – I will try and respond as fast as I can. But you must understand that I also have other things to do  – I have done everything I could think of in order to automate the installation process – hopefully it will go smoothly. The primary requirement is INTERNET ACCESS.

Step-by-step guide for installing Aquaresp 2


1. Download and install Python XY  via this link (opens in new window)(Choose full install): Python webpage

2. Make sure that you have installed Measurement Computing, Universal Library. Comes with the USB1208ls DAQ that we have described elsewhere on the webpage. This is at present the only way that Aquaresp can control the flush pump. If you have lost your CD, it can be found at their webpage – registration is required – and the download will start immediately after the “Submit request” button has been pressed. Drivers Measurement Computing

Or if you do not want to register for ” … monthly discounts, Application Notes and Whitepapers” i.e. a monthly newsletter in your inbox.

Note that copying this will give you direct access to the CD Download



From this installation package only InstaCal and Universal Library is needed, no need to install TracerDAQ – unless you want to.

When installed, this prompt will show:

aquaresp mcc isntall


Click “NO” for now


3. Download Aquaresp (Right click link -> (Save link as …)), unzip, find and move AQUARESP folder to C:\

The AQUARESP folder is found in Aquaresp Public 2 folder in zip-file. In the Aquaresp folder there is a link that you can place where you want.


4. Below link starts the download when clicked it is setup file that binds together Aquaresp and the Universal Library from Measurement Computing:

Installer – Dependencies

5. When #4 is downloaded AND python XY is installed, run the downloaded file  from #4

6. I suspect the measurement computing installation in #2 requires you to restart your computer in order to function. Please do so now – when your PC has started again Aquaresp should be ready to go.

7. Aquaresp is ready. To log O2 data, start the logging software from your oxygen meter manufacturer and make it log to Aquaresp\temp\oxygen\”manufacturer name”.txt. Here is a temporary Very Short guide for using Aquaresp


When calculating MO2 values Aquaresp assumes that you log data in % air saturation, so if log data in that unit. Otherwise Aquaresp also provides the determined slopes in the data file in whatever unit your oxygen sensor is logging in.




Aquaresp Version 1

Aquaresp for Excel (version1) is no longer available for download, as I used too much time for support. One qoute applies very well to this situation

Programming is like sex. One mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life.
– Michael Sinz

Our mistake were to try and implement Aquaresp in Excel / VBA as this platform simply does not behave the same on all pc’s. So while we had the chance, we chose to disinherit AquaResp version 1. (March 2014)