Getting Started


In order for AquaResp to automate oxygen consumption determinations of aquatic organisms. The following equipment must be present:

  • A controlable relay, either,
    • using an ADC e.g. 1208ls from Measurement Computing or a Phidgets 2/2/2, connected to a relay
    • A USB enabled relay
  • Oxygen meter (Pyroscience or PreSens)
  • Respirometer

For in-depth description of the experimental setup, see Svendsen et al (2015)

As of now (December, 2018) Aquaresp works for resting respirometry. A swimming version is on its way.

AquaResp  3.0 – “ASAP”:

Aquaresp 3.0 relies on Python 3.6+ and several dependencies/libraries in order to function. By following the below guide – while connected to the internet – will install Aquaresp. As of now Aquaresp has only been tested on Windows machines as we do not have software for the oxygen sensors that can run on Linux or macOS.


For the most present version, please follow installation guidelines on our github page