Aquaresp Plug-N-Play (Aquaresp version 2)

Aquaresp now comes in a version, that you can install on a USB memory stick, along with Python and all dependencies. With this version you just need to install the Measurement Computing software on the PC prior to running Aquaresp – in order for Aquaresp to control the experiment. We made this to give you minimum hassle with installation on PCs etc.

As of now Aquaresp only works for resting respirometry

How to get Aquaresp Plug-N-Play


1Download the *.zip file from here (dropbox share): Aquaresp Plug-n-Play share

2. When downloaded, unzip to empty USB-stick

3Remember to install Measurement Computing Universal Library

4. Plug-N-Play

Open the USB stick and run (double click or ENTER) the “Starter.bat” file – this will start Aquaresp. When starting Aquaresp and ending your experiment, you need to be patient. When Aquaresp runs on a USB-stick, file operations are a bit slower than usual. Especially when you have pressed “Stop Experiment” and the flush pump has turned on, I have experienced Aquaresp to get “Not Responding” in Windows – just be patient, Aquaresp is temporarily not responding as it is busy with other things …

5. There is an upper limit to everything. Such as memory on your USB-stick, but above 4GB or 8 GB storage on your USB-stick will enable Aquaresp to run for a loooong time.



In order for Aquaresp to automate oxygen consumption determinations of aquatic organisms. The following equipment must be present:

  • Measurement Computing 1208LS (Interface board)
  • Oxygen meter (Pyroscience Firesting or PreSens Fibox or Microx)
  • A relay connected to the Interface board digital out (see manual version 1 for assembly: UsersGuideAquaResp_Ver_1.0 )