AquaResp is a free (and open source) software for performing respirometry on aquatic animals. The name AquaResp is a contraction of  DTU-Aqua (Technical University of Denmark – Institute of Aquatic Resources) and respirometry, and it is now a registered trademark.

The software is based on Python and works in combination with the following items:

  •  an USB 1208LS – an inexpensive Measurement Computing USB-Based DAQ Module with Eight 12-Bit Analog Inputs
  •  One or two solid state relays
  •  A static respirometer or a swim tunnel respirometer
  •  one or two submersible Eheim aquarium pumps.

The required hardware can be purchased for less than 200 € / 300 US $ (excluding respirometer – “how to build a respirometer” will be added later. )

AquaResp can be used with oxygen analyzers that have either digital or analog output signals. (Analog: Radiometer, WTW, Orion, YSI, Stratkelvin, etc., or you can build your own inexpensive oxygen analyzer and regulator based on the PR-Electronics PR 5714D module in combination with an Oxyguard Handy, Mini or Micro galvanic oxygen electrode).

Fiber optic oxygen analyzers are also supported via any USB-port or serial port, in particular Pyro-Science’s FireSting and possibly Ocean Optics. At present AquaResp can parse the data from any of the FireSting versions, and the Presens 1 and 4 channel Microx/Fibox
Presens Fibox and Microx may not be supported in the future due to serious temperature compensation and data parsing issues as well as very high price = low value for your bucks => purchase another instrument like the Firesing which cost a fraction of a Presensa 2 channel Firesting is about half the price of a one channel Presens).

If you are capable of VB you can modify AquaResp to fit your exact requirements with respect to simultaneously monitoring of e. g:

or any other parameter that can be monitored on-line with an instrument that has an analog output signal.
We will implement a forum on this page, so any questions with regards to modifying AquaResp can be shared with all and enabling users to discuss problems and solutions with respect to the use of AquaResp. We may also link to user modified versions of AquaResp for special purposes and/or special instruments.

AquaResp software and a user guide for static respirometery, can be downloaded from the sidebar.

AquaResp will soon be available for swim tunnel respirometry as well.

AquaResp is the result of a collaboration between M.Sc.Eng. Morten Bo Søndergaard Svendsen, DTU Aqua, National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, and the Marine Biological Section (MARS), Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

AquaResp is complety free – and will always be – but we hope you will acknowledge us in your future publications based on this software. For now you can cite, but our intention is to publish a paper describing the measuring principle as well as the software as soon as possible – this will be the future reference. – August 6, 2015

Morten Bo S. Svendsen, M.Sc.Eng. and John Fleng Steffensen, Professor mso

Marine Biological Section (MARS)
Department of Biology
University of Copenhagen
Strandpromenaden 5